Weight Loss


Are you frustrated with skipping from one weight-loss program to another with no results?

Want to lose weight in a realistic way?


At Tempo Fitness we help you to develop a weight-loss program that is simple, realistic and works into your current, busy lifestyle. Our programs are designed to get you maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Whether you work in the corporate world or you're full-time Mum, life gets busy. That's why our Tempo trainers can help you to lose weight around your current, busy lifestyle.

Our weight-loss system includes nutritional advice, regular measurement and weigh-in sessions, complete weekly exercise programs and ongoing support. Our philosophy is that weight-loss is a long-term goal that should slowly and realistically be integrated into your lifestyle.


Personal training for weight loss in Trainga, Indoroopilly, Toowong, St Lucia, Chapel Hill and Kenmore.

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