Rehabilitation - aches, pains and injuries


Back and neck pain

Knee and shoulder Pain


Posture Correction

Doctors referrals - high cholesterol and blood pressure

Low bone density and ostepoprosis


At Tempo Fitness we help people to re-gain their body's normal motion, and to function without pain. The majority of the people we work with have some sort of injury or physical condition that is affecting their lifestyle. All of our programs are designed based on scientific and anatomical principals which help our clients get maximum benifit with safe, simple and realistic exercises. We help people to rehabilitate chronic and acute joint pains, lower back pains, posture problems and osteoporosis prevention.

Our aim is to help our clients maintain good posture, strength  and stability as they age. Maintaining a good physical condition decreases your risk of injury and ensures a pain-free, healthy and energetic future!


Personal training for rehabilitation in Trainga, Indoroopilly, Toowong, St Lucia, Chapel Hill and Kenmore.

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