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We think we go a great job, but don’t just listen to us! Here’s what some of our client’s think!



I first started seeing Cara and Brent at Tempo Fitness about 4 years ago now. 

I first started seeing them after a failed attempt at physio. I went to the physio for poor posture and a sore back but the treatments of a back strap and massage only temporarily fixed the problem. 

At Tempo, Cara and Brent focus on strengthening the muscles in my back and also reducing the dependence of the muscles in my neck and shoulders. It wasn’t long after seeing them that all of the spasms in my back stopped and I’m also much stronger. 

When I first started seeing them I could barely lift any weight at all and now I can lift 37kgs on lat pulldown and 100kgs on leg press which you can tell I’m very proud of! 

My sessions are an awesome combination of fun and fitness and it’s great that since I’ve started seeing them I’m no longer in pain, I’m way stronger and I’m working towards a much better posture. 

Thanks to Cara and Brent at Tempo Fitness.

Amelia  //  Archaeologist  //  31yo  //  St Lucia



I first met Brent about 6 years ago through a business networking group and thought “how about I try this personal training thing for myself?”. Here’s me for ages trying to fight my way down to 90kgs and not succeeding at all. 

So I thought I’d do a few sessions with Brent and see how it goes. He designed a program for me, nothing too strenuous, but here I am 6 years later down to 82.5kgs, staying there and as fit as a fiddle! 

Better than I was at 40.

Richard  //  Financial Advisor  //  68yo  //  Kenmore



My problem is back pain. I need to keep my back muscles moving and stretch thoroughly or I just seize up. I tried going to gyms, but it just didn’t work for me. I simply didn’t have enough will power.

Going to Tempo Fitness is so much better.  I love the new studio. I enjoy my weekly workout and I’m getting terrific results.

Helen  //  Nurse  //  58yo  //  Indooroopilly



I’ve been exercising with Cara and Brent for over 8 years. 

I enjoy the exercises I do at Tempo Fitness because they strengthen my arms, my legs and my back. 

I’m trained in balance, I enjoy riding the bike and we practice getting up and down off the floor so I have the confidence that I can do it at home if I ever needed to.

Ann  //  Retired Physiotherapist  //  85yo  //  Taringa



I’ve been going to Tempo Fitness for more than three years and I really look forward to my Thursday training session. There is always a new activity or a new slant on exercises I’ve done before. It really is good fun!

Cara is careful, professional and very supportive. With her help I am managing my weight and staying strong and fit – not too bad for a fifty-three year old.

Douglas  //  Teacher  //  53yo  //  Taringa



I just wanted to give a cheers to Cara and Brent at Tempo Fitness.

I met Cara in 2010 and started doing some sessions with her. I found them to be really beneficial in helping me with long term back problems that I had and increasing my core stability and strength incredibly.

I do go to a gym, but I just don’t find it as helpful as the 1 on 1 attention that personal training gives you. It’s been so helpful in getting that back problem sorted out for me, which I can’t do in the gym by myself.

It’s been quite amazing really – Cara helped me to find muscles that I didn’t know I had!

I just love doing my sessions at Tempo Fitness.

Fran  //  Business Owner  //  61yo  //  Karana Downs

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